Winter Garden

I’m always sad to see my kids fly away after the holidays.  But I have to admit that it’s invigorating to sweep away the holiday clutter and start fresh. A new year, a clean slate, a new inspirational word (my word this year is “create”).   I especially enjoy planting the winter garden.  I love its starkness and deep colors.  And I’m always amazed that we can grow things in January that we can actually eat.  After watching the brilliant PBS film In Defense of Food based on the book by Michael Pollan and produced by our friends Kiki Kapany and Michael Schwarz, I’m even more motivated to eat “mostly plants” and try to grow some of our own!  So far this year we’ve planted arugula, purple kale, giant red mustard greens and a few miscellaneous lettuces.IMG_2366I haven’t started eating them yet, but I have started drawing them!IMG_7790Happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “Winter Garden

  1. I planted carrots and beets and parsnips and Bok choy. Nothing’s big enough to eat yet except the arugula. I’m glad this year’s word is create because that means we have to schedule more play dates! Xo Ps loving the sketching!

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