Admiring Autumn

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the other seasons too, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick fall. I’m thrilled when the temperature drops (still waiting) and the trees in the neighborhood put on their spectacular show.IMG_3860This fall we’ve been traipsing around the country, visiting our family, enjoying one of our last college parents’ weekends and participating in a lovely wedding celebration.  Our travels have included Boston, Washington D.C., Ann Arbor, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Spokane.  We’ve been lucky with the weather, eaten some fantastic meals, and it’s great to be back home!

No matter the season, we always love a morning walk along the Charles.
Brunch at our favorite Central Square spot, Cafe Luna
White House is looking sharp on a crisp fall day
The Smithsonian Botanical Garden is a great place to admire the Capitol building without getting too close to the politicians!
I’m happy to see so many Monarch butterflies in D.C., Ann Arbor and Santa Barbara!
I loved touring the University of Michigan Arboretum!
Showy flowers at the Arboretum.
Milwaukee is looking pretty hip these days!
I’ve seen these cool Mark di Suvero sculptures now in San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Milwaukee and on the Stanford campus!

IMG_3721 IMG_3718 Farther west, Spokane also has beautiful fall colors, interesting public art and great apple orchards!


IMG_4103 IMG_4094 IMG_4069 IMG_4113But it’s great to get back to my own garden and my sketchbook!IMG_2431

IMG_2342Now let it rain!


3 thoughts on “Admiring Autumn

  1. Yes, very high quality photos, great composition, color balance and other technical details. Nice to be able to share one of the destinations with you both, too! R

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