fun with fabric and checking things off my list

I’ve had several nagging tasks on my to-do list (for years) and I finally tackled them.  #1) I dragged my heavy  sewing machine in to the local repair shop to be fixed, and #2) I took two needlepoint canvases I’d been working on (one since 1970) to the local needlepoint shop, and had them made into pillows. What a great feeling to check these things off my list.   And I’m pleased with the results.


This was my very first needlepoint project.  I started it on a dock in Newport Beach in 1970.  Now it’s done!  It took me only 44 years to finish it.


A trip to Nantucket with my dear husband in 1990 was the inspiration for this needlepoint.   I drew the image on the canvas looking at a postcard of Sconset.  This one took me only 24 years to complete.  Getting faster!


This needlepoint was done by my grandmother – I’m not sure when.  I had it remade into a new pillow along with the other two, and it looks so much better now!  I love having these pillows around the house – they bring back sweet memories and give me a feeling of accomplishment.

With my sewing machine oiled and ready to go, I could get back to a few fun fabric projects I’d been wanting to do.  I sewed these reversible fabric baskets based on a picture I saw on Pinterest. Filled with See’s chocolates and plastic eggs, they made great “Easter baskets” for my kids, easy to transport and send through the mail.



With the fabric leftover from the baskets, I sewed a new reversible runner for the table in my breakfast nook.  The bright colors are so cheerful and perfect for summer!



Now I need to get to work on my photo albums!




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