Glimpses of the Garden

IMG_1297I’m excited about our summer garden.  It holds so much promise…

IMG_1275I can already taste the Sun Golds that we’ll pop into our mouths right off the vine, the Early Girls that we’ll slice into caprese salads, the Better Boys diced into tabbouleh and bruschetta.  And the squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta, and fresh pesto and sautéed padrons…  My mouth is watering.  Every year we make adjustments to our layout – this year the Sun Golds are being trained on a vertical frame to make room for the basil.

IMG_0256And this year my dear husband and I are trying to collaborate more and compete less (isn’t that what marriage is all about?).  I’ve talked him into using more organic fertilizer and less Miracle Gro –  for our own sake and the good of the bay (less algae bloom).  He’s now making an organic “tea” for the plants by mixing water and fertilizer, letting the mixture sit overnight, straining it, and using the liquid and solids separately. (Nothing extreme about that man, right?)  “Teatime” has taken on a whole new meaning at our house.   Other changes – no eggplant, more squash, and new shallot and onion bulbs.  Fingers crossed!

IMG_1287Did I tell you about my fig tree?  The one I bought as an insurance policy in case the fig twig I was trying to root/turn into a real tree didn’t work out?  Well, the twig grew roots and leaves, and then it froze and rotted, so I’m happy I insured it.  My new fig tree has leaves, but not much more.  I’ve been walking around the neighborhood looking at everyone else’s fig trees, trying to figure out why they have fruit and my tree doesn’t.  But yesterday I made an amazing discovery…itty bitty purple buds on my tree where the figs grow. I have figs too! I am so excited.  I’m already dreaming of broiled figs, wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with gorgonzola… about eight of them, because that’s how many buds I saw.  I might have to eat them all by myself.


I had lunch in San Francisco with a dear childhood friend last week.  Even though our favorite french bistro, Butler and the Chef,, was mysteriously closed for the day, we found an acceptable substitute, The 21st Amendment Brewery and Cafe, and had a great time catching up.  I was intrigued by a workshop she attended recently on watercolor journaling.  It’s like a gratitude journal, but more fun.  As she said, “Everything I include is something I’m grateful for!”  Inspired by the photos she sent me of hers, I set out to the art store to get supplies for my own watercolor journal.  I’m not an experienced painter, but I’m having so much fun with this project!IMG_0353IMG_0354I’m reminded again of the importance of connecting with friends and sharing ideas and inspiration.  While it’s tempting to stay home and work on projects by myself,  I always find that the creative process (and life in general) is much more rewarding when I include my friends.



6 thoughts on “Glimpses of the Garden

  1. Nice work, both organically and artistically. Following in the fine tradition of BBW, Mimmie and Carol Worlock. Keep it up! Can I have one of those fig edibles?!!!!

  2. I loved this and I love that you started a sketchbook!!  I think its a great way to make memories.  I planted blueberries and raspberries this year!  xoxoxo


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