Maui, Polar Vortex, Sunny San Francisco

IMG_4085I’m having a hard time remembering what season it is.  Lucky enough to be on Maui for New Years, we reveled in the balmy weather.  Barely 24 hours after returning from Hawaii we flew to Michigan and were thrust into the Polar Vortex.  Staying long enough to deposit our younger daughter at her new university, feel the sting of  temperatures below zero, scarf down a Zingerman’s sandwich, and wonder where in the world our luggage had landed, we returned to the airport and headed back to the Bay Area.  Hiking around the Presidio in San Francisco this weekend, it was so warm that we were wearing shorts!  And in Boston our older daughter is having snow days.  It’s hard to know what to make of all this…probably that climate change is scary.

Ahhh Maui – what a lovely place to vacation in the winter.  We swam in the ocean,  lounged by the pool,  walked up and down the scenic Wailea foot path, read some great books, and ate amazing meals prepared by my dear husband – lots of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.  It was a perfect way to begin 2014.




The transition from Hawaii to Michigan was brutal,


but we learned some important travel lessons along the way:

1)  If you’re really going to need something on your trip – like a warm coat – do not check it!

2) Extra socks, underwear and toiletries packed into your carry-on are really welcome when your bags get lost.

3)  Try to fly non-stop – your luggage is less likely to get lost.

4)  You can get by with very few clothes for a few days!

5)  When things go wrong along the way, make friends with people at the airlines/car rental agency/baggage office and be sure to get their full names/emails/phone numbers.  They might be able to help you out later, especially if you can get in touch with them again.  (And then send a nice letter to their boss)!

Back in the Bay Area, we were excited to entertain our dear friends from Portland, OR for the weekend, and they were excited to get out of the rain.  And San Francisco put on a good show!  The weather, the natural beauty and the outdoor art we encountered were stunning.


We loved the sculptures by Mark di Suvero in Crissy Field.  The work above was on display in Oakland during the Vietnam war.  Because of the peace sign, it was considered so controversial and anti-government that it was eventually removed.


Lucky for us, our friends knew about two Andy Goldsworthy installations in the Presidio (and also lucky that we were able to find them).


Wood Line (above) and Spire (below) were both installed by the artist recently.  Constructed from fallen trees around the Presidio, they were inspired by and celebrate the historic forest in the park.


Every time we visit San Francisco we see something new and interesting.


How fortunate we are to live near such beauty.  Given the precarious nature of our environment, we have to remember to take good care of it.


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