Daytripping in the city

It’s bittersweet when the kids go back to school in the fall.  The pinterest projects, Peet’s walks, Borrones lunches, and Bananagrams matches are just memories now…  But our darling children are off to do exciting things and I am happily getting back to my routine.  So, how to keep ourselves entertained in our free time and avoid the temptation to text them too often? Day trips!  In the past month since they left we’ve been to San Francisco many times, discovering new spots, revisiting old favorites, and marveling at the beauty and excitement of the city. We usually depart for our adventures after a cup or two of fresh brewed french roast with steamed milk and are home in time for a salad from the garden and the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

Highlights from recent day trips to SF:

Dim Sum Lunch Overlooking Golden Gate Bridge


We love getting dim sum from our favorite hole in the wall Chinese take-out place on Clement.  Good Luck Dim Sum is always an experience.

Good Luck Dim Sum – Inner Richmond – San Francisco, CA – Yelp

Parking in that area is tricky, so usually my dear husband jumps out of the car to get the food while I circle around the block.  We’re never really sure what we’re going to end up with, but we love the steamed pork bow, the chive dumplings with shrimp, shrimp siu mai, and the pork dumplings.  (It’s all kosher!)  One or two orders of each of those is enough for both of us, and the whole thing costs less than ten dollars!

On this trip we drove to Fort Point in the Presidio, parked overlooking the bridge, and ate in the car because it was freezing outside!  After lunch we hiked to Baker Beach and admired the Golden Gate bridge from the ocean side.


Because we hadn’t had quite enough fun (or Chinese food) for one day, we decided to try out a restaurant for dinner that had been on our list for ages, but we hadn’t had a chance (or the courage) to try:  Mission Chinese Food, aka Lung Shan,  We were among the oldest customers at this super hipster place, but the food was creative and delicious (we shared the Ma Po Tofu, a garlic/ginger/egg noodle dish and some rice), the service was good, and the whole experience was wild and different!

Now, in case you were worried that we were suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies due to too many days in the city without sunshine, let me assure you that the weather in the city for our last few visits has been glorious.  Here’s proof:


We just love the city – the weather, the scenery, the people, the food…

Here are a few more eating establishments we’ve tried and enjoyed recently:

Pacific Catch on 9th Avenue, Pacific Catch


Eric’s Restaurant in Noe Valley, Eric’s Restaurant

Bi-Rite Ice Cream

Stay tuned for the next installment, Daytripping across the Bridge!


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