Veggie Stories

Vegetable gardening is a huge part of our summer life.  Annual rituals include soil preparation, plant purchases, plant returns (after the first ones die, or worse, fail to thrive), arguments about whether to feed with organic fertilizer or Miracle-Gro (Miracle-Gro usually wins), agonizing over various pests, diseases and treatments, and finally enjoying the abundant (fingers crossed) crop. This summer’s garden produced the usual delicious red tomatoes (Early Girls and Better Boys), amazing Sun Golds, plentiful padrone peppers, enough basil for a boatload of pesto, crisp persian cucumbers, non-stop summer squash and a couple of crazy surprises.

Check out this acorn squash growing in the magnolia tree!  And these vines grew from seeds!!!

And lemon scented basil that grew from cuttings!  I bought a bunch at the farmers’ market, plunked it into a vase to keep it fresh, and it sprouted roots!  Planted in the garden it turned into a basil bush.  Pour boiling water over it in a teapot for a fragrant herbal tea.


So excited with the lemon basil results, I tried again with my favorite thai basil from the farmers’ market, and that worked too!


Our garden was so fruitful this year, we even had arugula volunteers growing out of the gravel.

Now I’m working on propogating a fig tree from a cutting.  Results are unclear so far.  A friend reminded me that plants are available for purchase at nurseries.  Well, that is not nearly as exciting as starting them myself!  Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?!


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