Summer Projects

A serendipitous convergence of girls home on vacation, a DIY Pinterest board filled with tempting ideas and a little free time equals craft projects galore!  Here they are:

Painted Tiles


Our neighbor happened to be cleaning out her garage and we found a great selection of plain white tiles in her throwaway pile (such scavengers)!  We selected several gorgeous colors of Martha Stewart paint at Michaels and boy, did we have fun!  While we had the paint out, I couldn’t resist painting a few more objects I found around the house!  For these, I painted the inside of canning jars and attached the ring portion of the top when they were dry.


Easy “Tie Dye” T-Shirts


This was a perfect project to do with the little girl I tutor – supplies I already had at home – colorful Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol, beautiful results, and no mess!  I found this one on Pinterest – you make small designs on the fabric with your Sharpies and sprinkle rubbing alcohol over the design with a dropper.  The color spreads, the fabric dries quickly and you’re ready to go!  (For best results, throw it in the dryer to set the dye).

Shell Candles


This project was fun and easy too!  I bought the wax shavings at Michaels, melted them in a plastic container, and poured the melted wax into some shells I had found at the beach.  When the wax started to set, I stuck in the wicks (also from Michaels) and trimmed them when they were completely set.  I love having these candles to remind me of vacations at the shore!


2 thoughts on “Summer Projects

  1. OK, now I know what we’ll be getting for Christmas! Nice. But don’t tell Matt that we’ll probably send another bag of hazelnuts. Not so original but certainly appreciated!

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